Search Engine Optimisation

Creating beautiful website designs is an important part of any website, but high quality traffic and the website being found on search engines is ultimately what will help your business succeed. By "high quality", we mean visitors that are likely to be of value to you. That means potential clients, in any industry, who align with your demographic and budgetary requirements and market to make up your target audience.
Good search engine optimisation (SEO) isn’t magic. And we don’t use smoke and mirrors. Instead, we take a holistic approach to make your website easy for search engines (and hence, users) to find and for users to find what they need on your site. Again, it’s about "Findability". We employ a variety of proven techniques ranging from what and how much we write, specific words we use, appropriate title tags, how we structure the site, links to and from your site, and much more.
We strive to generate web traffic from visitors who have never heard of your business or website before, meaning that they may be searching for a related keyword online, or consulting a review website to learn more about companies in your industry.
Be Webwise will discover who your target audience is, who you competition is and strive to optimise your website to maximise your impact on search engines and out score your competitions on the search engines.
All our websites come fully optimised for search engines but if you have an existing website that isn't performing we might just be able to help. If you have access to your site files or backend of your website if a content management system, simply visit our shop, select our search engine optimisation package and we will get in touch to get your website working for you in no time.
Be Webwise have a great proven track record of getting our clients found on search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo with well over 100 clients having number 1 search results on Google and literally 100's of 1st page search results. Our clients, both new and existing businesses compete and succeed online with great search engine results.

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